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No Bake Nanaimo Bars

No bake Nanaimo Bars

I believe all  home bakers  should have a good no bake recipe up their sleeve. They are quick, easy and for the most part are huge crowd pleasers. They serve up and adapt to all functions from tea parties to bake sales and are just down right, no fuss, tasty. These traditional and well loved […]

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Moroccan Snake Cake

How to make M’hanncha ( Moroccan Snake Cake)

‘M’hanncha’ is a traditional Moroccan dessert, made with layers of fine filo pastry and filled with an almond, pistachio and orange blossom paste. This frangipane-like filling is pretty simple to prepare and keeps well. The marriage of the gooey citrus scented interior with the fine crunchy casing is utterly delicious. Especially if you are a […]

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