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The best thing I have done this year by far!! Guidance, support and advice all in one place with such friendly people. 

Pippa Middlehurst


I sat on the fence for a few weeks, not sure whether to join or not? I was already a member of an online tutorial site, so was it worth it etc....Oh boy! When I finally joined, I knew instantly it was the right thing to do. The Academy has been instrumental in some big changes to my business. I have learnt so much. It is a game changer. So if you are thinking of maybe joining, I say DO IT! DO IT NOW! 

Julie Rogerson


I can say first hand, as can so many others, that the Academy is one of the most supportive and informative online business groups that is designed for those in the sugar craft industry. It is definitely a must if you are looking to grow your own business.

Rhu Strand


The doors to the Academy are now closed. Please check back to this page for upcoming details on how to sign up to our waiting list.