February 2021


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What is Pavlova?

Valentine's Pavlova

Pavlova is a delicious sumptuous dessert made from fluffy chewy centred meringue and topped with…well, anything you like really!

Traditionally you would see a pavlova adorned with fresh cream and red berries, but in recent years chefs, cooks and home bakers alike have been getting more and more creative with their pavlova creations.

With Valentine’s Day coming back round again this weekend we automatically associate this sumptuous dessert with the day of love.

so what makes pavlova different from normal meringue?

Both are made from egg white and look like gorgeous clouds of edible fluff! Traditionally meringue would be crispy throughout and pavlova would have a gorgeous chewy centre. However it is more common now to find chewy centred meringues. There are even shops dedicated to selling just giant meringues.

Being free from any fat, they are naturally dairy free and this also keeps their beautiful white colour.

5 top tips for making the perfect pavlova

make sure your bowl is clean

Fat and grease is a meringue’s worst enemy. Even the smallest trace of butter in your mixing bowl can cause your egg whites to collapse. Once you have washed your bowl, cut a lemon in half and rub it around the inside of your bowl, this will help cut through any fat that may remain.

extra stability

If you need extra stability in your pavlova then cream of tartar is your best friend. Adding some into your recipe will help strengthen your pavlova. This is perfect if you want to create a tiered creation or are a little heavy handed with the toppings!


love the chewiness?

For added extra chew, incorporate cornflour into your recipe

pavlova shell

plan ahead

It is always best to bake your pavlova the day before you need it and let it dry out in the oven overnight. Once the meringue has had the time it needs. Turn the oven off and leave the door closed. The next morning your pavlova will be perfect and ready to get creative with.

vegan courgette and lime cake

room temperature

Whipping your egg whites from room temperature will create a much better result than chilled egg whites. However it can be easier to separate your eggs when they are cold.

want to make your own amazing pavlova?

So whether you want to create a Valentine’s showstopper, or you just fancy baking something delicious for your family. Check out this amazing recipe by Zoe and give a pavlova a go!