February 2021


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How to boost creativity

How to boost creativity Blog

As artists, cake makers can really struggle with creativity from time to time. I am sure we are all guilty of looking at other peoples creations and wondering how one earth they came up with the idea.

If you are feeling in a funk and need some motivation to boost your creativity, we have some ideas for you below.


One of the most obvious places to turn for inspiration and to get your creative juices flowing is Pinterest. Have a look through pins you have saved previously and also have a browse through new pins and see what inspires you. It doesn’t have to be pictures of cakes. Why not go down a rabbit hole of looking at fabric textures, colour mood boards or even natural textures such as stone.



Another great resource to utilise is Instagram, with the facility of being able to save other peoples grid posts and organise them into boards you can start to build up inspiration. This can be a great place to turn when you aren’t feeling the most creative and you need a little boost.


Using Canva for your business tutorial

Canva is a fantastic tool. With thousands of templates and graphics for you to use, Canva can become your go to application for creating graphics, social media posts, newsletters and so much more. We have a great tutorial in the Academy showing you how to use it.

a change of scenery

vegan courgette and lime cake

One of the best ways to boost creativity and realign your mindset is to have a change of scenery. Get outside and have a walk, take a route you’re not used to. Put your headphones in and listen to some music or why not try out a new podcast?

read a book or a blog

vegan courgette and lime cake

Reading is one of the best ways to boost creativity, pick a book that you are excited to read, you don’t want it to be a chore. There are so many books out there for different ways to boost your creativity, however reading anything that is going to motivate you in any direction will overall help your creativity.

If you don’t want to get stuck into a book then check out a blog, just like this one to help reset you focus.

If you need some more ideas then why not check out the business tutorials in the Academy.


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