February 2021


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Creative Pancakes

Shrove Tuesday, also know as Pancake day has come back round again.

Each year our Instagram feeds are filled with creative looking and more delicious pancake recipes than the year before.

If you are looking to up your pancake game we have selected some of the most Insta worthy pancakes out there.

creative pancakes

browned butter and blueberry pancakes

We’ve got to start with a classic… Blueberry pancakes make an appearance all around the world on a daily basis. If you want to make them extra special this pancake day why not make yours with browned butter. It adds a subtle nuttiness to the flavour.


matcha pancakes

If you really want to mix it up this pancake day then why not get experimental with your flavours. We LOVE this creation by the wonderful Pru Leith of The Great British Bake Off. Turning a mille crepe cake into a gorgeous centrepiece with vibrant green matcha powder.


wedding cake pancakes

Who says pancakes are just for Shrove Tuesday?

Continue your love of pancakes through to your wedding day and serve a show stopping pancake wedding cake for your guests.


pancake celebration cake

Or if a smaller celebration is on the cards, why not swap cake layers for pancake layers in a delicious pancake layer cake. The flavour combinations are endless.


red velvet

Speaking of flavour combinations, you will struggle to find a cake flavour that doesn’t work well as a pancake. We love these light and fluffy red velvet pancakes with a delicious white cream cheese drizzle.



And finally, is it even pancake day if you don’t have pink pancakes…? These pretty in pink pancakes can be swapped for any colour you fancy and go down really well with the kids!

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