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Video Playback Issues

Sound bards troubleshooting at Pretty Witty Academy


Problem: "I can't hear the sound on the video"

Solution: Check you have all 5 sound bars turned on on the video player.

View full screen at Pretty Witty Academy


Problem: "I can't see the video clearly"

Solution: Click these arrows to view the video full screen. To return to normal, click Esc on Desk Tops or normal screen on a phone/ipad. Note that viewing full screen means the videos may take longer to load. 

Video blurry


Problem: "My video looks a bit blurry"

Solution: Click on the cog next the sound bars and click 'Quality'. Switch from Auto to 1080px (HD).  Our videos will automatically switch to Auto depending on how quick your internet connection is so if you have a poor connection, you may not be able to watch in HD. Note that if you put HD on and the video buffers, it means your internet connection is not strong enough for HD so switch to Auto again. 

Video too fast or slow troubleshooting


Problem: "I want to speed up / slow down the video"

Solution: Click on the cog next the sound bars and click 'Speed'. You can reduce the speed to half speed (0.5) or increase to 2 x speed for fast viewing. 

Video buffering at Pretty Witty Academy


Problem: "My video keeps jumping and buffering"

Solution: Step 1: Try to clear your cache.  Clearing your cache tends to fix most issues.  If you don't know how, there are instructions here

Step 2: If that doesn't work, check you are on Auto on the HD settings (see No. 3 above) because if you are trying to play HD with a weak internet connection, it will bufffer.

Step 3: Give the video 30 seconds to buffer to enable your device to catch up.

Step 4: Switch your device on and off as that often fixes everything!

General Trouble Shooting

If you are still having issues with video play back, try the following steps: 

  1. Close any other browser tabs that you don't need open. 
    Keeping too many windows open will make everything run slower including video playback.
    This is esepcially on a mobile device. Make sure you completely close windws rather than just minimising them
  2. Update your browser.  
    Make sure you browser software i
    s the most recent one.
  3. Apple Devices: Update iOS software
    Go to Settings - General - Software Update - and make sure you have the latest iOS download. If you don't you are very likely to experience video play back issues.  
  4. Close down other programs on your computer
    Programs like Spotify, Photoshop and iTunes use up a lot o
    f memory and can cause your computer to run slowly. Close all other programs to see if this fixes the problem when you reload the video
  5. If all else fails
    Turn everything off, wait 30 seconds and turn it back on again. That usually fixes everything!