membership plans

We offer 2 plans depending on where you are in your cake journey


  • 1200+ cake tutorials
  • 185+ recipe tutorials
  • Pictorials and quick tip tutorials
  • Downloadable assets for ever tutorial
  • Monthly live Q&As and demos
  • Exclusive member perks and discounts
  • Access to private on-site forum
  • 24/7 support

£16.99 / month

Please note that payment will be taken in GBP


  • Everything Hobby members get
  • Plus
  • Over 100 business tutorials
  • Monthly live Masterminds for Business Q&As
  • Forum area for business questions
  • Practical advice and support from Zoë

£29.99 / month

Please note that payment will be taken in GBP

we reward loyalty

The rate that you join the Cake Academy on will be your rate forever, even if you joined with a discount.
 But if you cancel your membership and decide to rejoin later you will have to pay the new rate.


This is not a problem. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time once you are a member (we give you a special button on the inside of the Academy!). So, for example, if you buy a Business Membership but decide after 3 months that you just want to be a Hobby Member, you can downgrade. We will then pro-rata your payment against the new plan for you so you don't ever lose any money. Similarly, if you decide to take a Yearly Hobby Membership but after a few months decided you wanted to upgrade to Yearly Business, you can upgrade and any money already paid will be pro rata'd against your new plan reducing the cost of your new plan by what you have already paid that is unused.

No! Absolutely not. We wish to reward loyal members so they rate that you join Sugar Street Studios Cake Academy will be your rate FOREVER!! For example, if you join at £20 /$30 a month but in 3 years, the price has increased to £40 /$50 a month, you will still continue to pay £20/$30 a month. This is why it is important to ensure that you keep your payments details up to date because if your payment fails more than 4 times, your membership will be canceled. If that happens and you want to rejoin, you would then have to pay the current rate and you would lose any discount.

We do occasionally run free trial periods for the Academy. So if you want to be informed of those make sure you follow us on social media or you are subscribed to our mailing list. If you want to dip your toes first, we recommend taking a monthly membership as you can cancel anytime. If it is not for you, just cancel before your monthly renewal and you won't pay for more than one month.

We bill you on a monthly basis. If you decide that the Academy is not right for you, you can cancel anytime. We do not refund payments already made, but no further payments will be taken after you cancel. Once you cancel you will still have full access to your account for the full period you have paid for.

Whether or not you get the results you want depends on the action YOU take once you have received the training. YOUR own actions are what dictates your growth and profits. Although we cannot guarantee your results as they are dependent on you, we can guarantee giving you great advice, and a community and environment designed especially to drive you to success. The first step on that journey to changing your cake life for the better is joining up!