Loyalty Lifers Instructions for Transfering

As a former Lifetime Member on the old Pretty Witty Cakes website, I have created a very special offer for you which means that you can continue to access the cake videos that were on the old Pretty Witty Cakes website without paying anything more OR you can get access to all the new features on the new Pretty Witty ACADEMY website including all the Business features and get an permanent annual discount of over 50%.  This means you will either pay £0 for Hobby or £100 for Business each year. 

Here is a video to show you how it works. 

You only have a short period of 14 days when you can get this offer.  Click one of the two links in the email of instructions I sent you to transfer your membership.  I have put them both for you below for ease as well.  Don't forget:

  • 1
    You must choose a YEARLY membership. There is no option to transfer to a Monthly membership
  • 2
    The coupon is linked to your ID and email. New accounts are all crossed checked against the original lifetime accounts on the old site when joining for security to make sure only genuine loyalty lifers get the discount. If someone else were to use your coupon then it would immediately become null and void so keep it secret.  

Take your pick on whether to be a Hobby Member or a Business Member:

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email on [email protected]