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would you like to be taught by

over 80 guest tutors?

would you like to learn every

cake style imaginable?

want to turn your

hobby into a profitable business?

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well hello there!


You are in touching distance from the essential training, advice, support and guidance you need to help you learn to make knockout, professional cakes, up those baking skills AND  learn to start and grow a profitable cake business

what's on the inside of the academy

  tutorial tasters 

wedding cakes

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sculpted cakes

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trends and techniques

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business focus

Designing and sketching Cakes

*  this is the ideal membership if you love making cakes simply as a hobby, leisure or for good ol' baking therapy

*  your hobby membership is jam packed with in depth practical tutorials, from full length cake videos step by step, to technique focused videos, and even a guided learning section for beginners

*  our recipe section grows weekly, showing you how to master all the baking basics such as silky smooth buttercream to more

advanced cake flavours and patisserie lessons too

*  if you want everything that the hobby member gets PLUS

*  detailed business tutorials specifically for cake businesses

*  monthly masterminds and coaching sessions on

how to grow and operate a succesful cake business

*  Live Q & A sessions with guest experts

  • You CAN learn to make stunning cakes without spending a fortune
  • You CAN turn your hobby into a PROFITABLE  business
  • You CAN create the lifestyle you dream of without working crazy hours

it's all for grabs inside the Academy

We help our members achieve their cake goals

hello, I'm Zoë!

I am a passionate baker, celebrated cake artist, businesswoman and mum to two tweenies.

Within the cake industry I am best known for my 'Extreme' cake sculptures and have even popped up on TV making them! Voted one of the UK's Top 10 Cake Artists, I am also a cake tutor, teacher and writer and have long enjoyed sharing my passion for cake with students.

Back in 2011, I sold a multi million $ business and have since gone on to apply that business experience to my cake life. I love cake, I love cake people and I love cake businesses. And I may be biased (!) but our cake school is home to like minded people and is a genuine oasis of creative and practical tuition. Our members make the school what it is, and for that I am very proud.

Our goal at the Academy is to help others achieve their cake aspirations, whether it be improving baking skills, learning sugar craft techniques or developing their cake businesses. We will guide and support you - to help save time, avoid costly mistakes and to learn at a pace that suits YOU. Our friendly community and awesome school will help you step by step with your journey, whatever your cake goals.

Because it is not really just about cake. It is about using cake to improve your life. 

zoe burmester awards

what our members say…

Joining the site is the best thing I have ever bought myself!

"WOW! WOW! WOW! I love my tutorials and joining the site is the best thing I have ever bought myself! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart"

Caroline Lingard  //  Member, United Kingdom

Samantha Brown testimonial of Pretty Witty Academy

You actually get what is being offered. You won't be disappointed

"Great advice, tips, pointers, encouragement. The advice offered is always relevant. No rubbish here. You actually get what is being offered.". 

SaM BROWN  //  Member, United Kingdom

Have been in love with every single project

"Fantastic site and so happy that you have endless online tutorials! Keep up the good work!"

Michelle Effron  //  Member, USA

EVERYTHING you need to
learn to Make knockout cakes
To Build a Profitable Business

Membership means INSTANT ACCESS to:

In depth courses

1000s of full HD course lessons on a HUGE range of topics from cake basics to advanced professional cake business courses.

cake community

awesome community

an interactive social network (not just a facebook group) for cake & business chat,  guidance as well as clubs, leaderboards & points

flexible pro rata plans

flexible pro rata plans

upgrade and downgrade (with pro rata credits) or cancel any time. All with just 2 clicks of a mouse! You don't even need to contact us!

templates and downloads

Downloads & Templates

downloadable materials lists, templates, forms and more to help you to really implement what you learn

member perks

Member Only Perks

regular exclusive freebies, handy tools and downloads, to member only perks, offers and discounts.

sugar street studio recipes

Videos, Recipes & Pictorials

a  growing library of over 1000 video tutorials, recipes that work as well as pictorials and written guidance where needed.

extensive cake libraries

Organised Libraries

organised tutorial libraries and categories where you can Bookmark, Save or Mark Tutorials complete

business masterminds

Monthly masterminds

exclusive monthly business masterminds to address the nitty gritty business questions (business members only)

interactive help

fully interactive help

our community is simply awesome! Not only will members help each other with any questions, you also have full access to Zoë and the team every day.

  • Constant access to 100s of cake tutorials, from over 80 tutors in every imaginable cake style to watch whenever you wanted.
  • Multiple options for diversification of your cake income, detailed insights into what works and doesn't from someone who has done it all before!
  • Know how to charge properly AND get paid the right price for your cakes without your customers running for the hills.
  • Learn how to market your business without guessing and wasting money.
  • Spend time with your friends and family because your business is making profit without you working 24/7.
  • Tap into the collective knowledge and experience of a private and exclusive community whose sole purpose is to support each other. 
  • Better manage your hobby or business on a day to day basis so you have more time and far less stress.

our Forums are the heart of our community!

The Academy forums are simply awesome, A place where  lots of our members have met life long friends and business contacts.

Unlike Facebook we have no fake news, no advertising and best still no trolls! Our forums are choc full of great advice that is truly worth it's weight in gold. To succeed in the cake world, you need to surround yourself with like-minded cake makers who will support and encourage you.

You can search by topic, direct message other members and above all  you can see everything, save it, amend it and go back to it with ease.

Its time to get the relationships, business support, cake making training and accountability you need to grow your confidence and change your cake life.

koi river cake

Study at your

own pace

london cake

Our cake school is more than just a site with some tutorials. YES – we have over 1000 tutorials (growing each week) with step by step guidance about cake baking and decorating, as well as confidence building tutorials and mentoring on starting, building and growing a cake business.

But we are more than that.

The people in our community 'get it'. It's a full blown learning environment with members from around the world. The Academy is about guidance, mentoring, success, profitability and success. It is a troll free, advertising free and supportive environment for cakers – from Hobbyist to Pro.

a recap of what you get when you join us!


Our ENTIRE cake library

Our video library is one of the biggest online cake tutorial libraries in the world.

Professionally filmed in HD with multi camera angles. 


guided learning modules
With our guided learning section, you will be in safe hands as you start and continue your cake journey


exclusive member perks & discounts
We have negotiated member only discounts across the world from our favourite suppliers. Choose from class discounts, supplies or products - all negotiated discounts by us, for you!


Downloadable Templates and Resources 

Our larger videos have downloadable templates, materials lists and resources to save you time in preparing your cake and managing your client orders. 


over 150 delicious recipes  
Get your hands on cake recipes that WORK. Tried and tested recipes that are used in cake businesses and are fail-safe.


pictorial and quick tip videos 
For those wanting a slower pace, we have pictorials and short quick tips. Ideal for those who are at the beginning of their cake journey.


community forums  

No more Facebook advertising, no more seaching for old posts. Our vibrant and active forums are in a different league. With points, leaderboards, clubs and winners of the day, this is THE cake place to hang out and chat cake and cake business. Exclusively for built for our members

for Business Members, we have also included all these additional bonuses: 


business videos  

A wealth of business experience is pulled into an ever growing business library, that shows you the methods that work (and don't work) for turning your cake hobby into a profitable business. Save time and money jumping straight to methods that are tried and tested. 


Monthly Masterminds 

Business Members get access to Monthly Masterminds with Zoë and other Business Members to ask all the Cake Business questions you have and get TAILORED advice for your business.  This is not just a Facebook Live but a high quality, fully bespoke learning resource. You also get full access to all past Business Masterminds. 


templates for cake businesses
We  produce templates that Members can use as Swipe Files in their own business. Swipe Files means you can use them for your own cake Business saving you the time of creating them yourself!

join the full business level for less than $31 a month (just $1 a day!)

In the UK that is just 82p per day! 

sign me up!

If you're ready to take your cake making or cake business to the next level by joining the Academy, simply click your payment option below and click the button to join us instantly…

  • YEARLY members access
  • mONTHLY members access


ONLY £149 a year 
(that is the same as £12.41 a month)

(Saves £54.88 compared to paying Hobby Monthly as you get 2.5 months free when you pay yearly and only pay £12.41 a month instead of £16.99 a month!)

No auto renewal without consent, Cancel Any time in just 2 clicks of your mouse.  No contracts, ever!

(US$ price approx. 15.66 per month billed yearly at approx US$188.12)


ONLY £299 a year 
(that is the same as £24.91 a month)

(Saves £60.88 compared to paying Business Monthly as you get 2 months FREE when you pay yearly and you only pay £24.91 a month intead of £29.99 a month!)

No auto renewal without consent, Cancel Any time in just 2 clicks of your mouse.  No contracts, ever!

(US$ price approx. US$31 per month billed yearly at approx US$378)

This site never ceases to amaze me

"I have been a member for two years now, and this site never ceases to amaze me. I originally joined to gain knowledge for cake making, decorating and modelling but I have gained so much more. I have made friends who I meet up with. I just love this place."

Lorraine Whyberd  //  Member, United Kingdom

You truly have the best on-line video tutorials in the world

"You truly have the best on-line video tutorials in the world. I’m sooo thankful I found you. You provide us with the best instructors, who share their INCREDIBLE talents in the most AMAZING up to date and current technique tutorials. My head just keeps shaking back in forth with how INCREDIBLE this site is…"

Moreen Pinto  //  Member, USA

cake topper elephant

100% satisfaction  

Our joy and passion is helping other cakers and making a difference to their lives.  It is important really important to Zoë and the team that you benefit from your Cake Academy Membership.

All customers are fully protected with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

YOU control your payments from your Dashboard. YOU can cancel any time with 2 clicks of a mouse to stop any future payments (there is no need to even contact us). YOU can upgrade or downgrade your membership, turn off auto renewal and update or change your card details - all in just a click of a mouse. You can do this all from your Account Page without the need to contact us (although we are here to help if you need help). 

Got questions? 

I make cakes for a hobby and don't want a business. Is the Academy still right for me?

I don't know whether to get Hobby or Business Membership? What if I choose the wrong one?

Is this a one time price or a recurring fee?

If you raise your prices, will my subscription price stay the same?

Is the content available straight away?  

Will you add new content, or is everything already there?

What happens if I want to cancel my membership?

Can I access all the content inside the Academy once I cancel?

Why should I become a member today rather than waiting?

If there is anything at all that you're not certain about, anything that you want us to make clearer or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us    at [email protected]  and we will help you. 

  • YEARLY  Members Access
  • mONTHLY members access


ONLY £149 a year 
(that is the same as £12.41 a month)

(Saves £54.88 compared to paying Hobby Monthly as you get 2.5 months free when you pay yearly and only pay £12.41 a month instead of £16.99 a month!)

No auto renewal without consent, cancel any time in just 2 clicks of your mouse.  No contracts, ever!

(US$ price approx. 15.66 per month billed yearly at approx US$188.12)

(Best Value) 

ONLY £299 a year
(that is the same as £24.91 a month)

(Saves £60.88 compared to paying Business Monthly as you get 2 months FREE when you pay yearly and you only pay £24.91 a month intead of £29.99 a month!)

No auto renewal without consent, cancel any time in just 2 clicks of your mouse.  No contracts, ever!

(US$ price approx. US$31 per month billed yearly at approx US$378)

see you on the inside!