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March 2021


Cake Decorating Tips
illusion cake pie and chips

As we are celebrating National Pie Week we wanted to bring you some of our favourite ‘Is it really a cake?” moments. Food illusion cakes are HUGELY popular and they are such an incredible way to really wow your friends and family.

It is incredible how one edible item can resemble another edible item. And often it isn’t clear that it is cake until someone cuts into it.

We have shared some of our favourites below:



A great way to create an illusion cake is to think about the whole set up. This sushi cake is the perfect example. The sushi on their own wouldn’t provide much more than a sweet mouthful so the creator has incorporated the whole serving tray into the cake design and the whole thing is edible.


Taco Cake

The different elements on these tacos really help with the overall illusion, these are mouth watering good!


Breakfast Cake

Rather than focussing on just one item of food, creating a whole meal can really help with the illusion.


Cabbage Cake

One of the best foods to use as inspiration for an illusion cake are vegetables. They are so distinctive, have amazing textures and colours and they don’t need to be perfect as vegetables often have small blemishes or are different shapes and sizes to each other.

seafood crate

Seafood Crate Cake

This realistic fish crate is a tutorial from inside the Academy. It shows you how to create crab, mussels and oysters as well as realistic ice cubes. Check it out here.



Matching the colours and the shape isn’t enough when creating an illusion cake, you need to nail the texture too. This fish cake is the perfect example of getting it right!

pie, chips and peas cake

This week marks National Pie week! The perfect chance to have a go at this Pie, Chips and Peas cake. If you are a member click here to watch, otherwise sign up below to join.